Tools I use to record and edit my videos

Iphone- I started out using my Iphone 4, now I use my Iphone 6.  Eventually I will move on to a DSLR, probably this one, but for now the Iphone is a great way to get started.

Screenflow-The mac comes with iMovie software which you can use to edit your videos. Screenflow not only edits videos, but you can also use it to record your screen.  

iMac I love working on a mac because it has so many tools you can use for your business right out of the box.  iMovie, garageband, plus the Apple office suite of products are just some of what's included.

Better Snap tool-  I learned about this app from bjork at  It’s like having two monitors without having two monitors.  

Blue yeti-  An affordable option for a microphone.  I use it to record voice over for my videos.  A lot of podcasters use this as thier microphone as well.  It has great audio for the price-point.

Audacity- I record my voice overs in audacity, then I drop the audio file into screenflow to edit it.  It's free. 

Sunpak Tripod- This is the tripod I use to hold my iphone steady while I shoot my videos. You can also use it mount other cameras if you own a point and shoot or a DSLR.

istablalizer- This little gadget clips onto your iphone and can be screwed into the tripod.

gorrilapod-  You can connect the istabalizer to this gadget also.  Its handy for shooting in odd locations.  

Softbox lights- These are the lights I use to brighten up my space when shooting.  I usually use two of them, but you can use 3 if you have the space.

Ego lights- I have two of these units that are great for tabletop photography.  They can also be used for talking head videos you record at your desk if you don't want to set up larger softbox lights. 2/2016-These lights seem to be out of stock everywhere.  Try looking on ebay or craigslist. You may get lucky!

Audio-technica lapel microphone- I use this microphone for talking head videos.  

Courses I used to learn video stuff

Screenflow hero

Ivideo hero- This was the course I purchased to learn how to shoot videos using my iphone. Jules(the instructor) talks about apps, gear and everything you need to get started producing videos on a budget.  

How to shoot cooking videos- I randomly found this class when I was looking for tips on how to make a cooking video.  I almost couldn't believe someone took the time to create such a specific course.  Even if cooking videos aren't your thing, this class would still benefit you if you are doing hands on craft or hobby videos.  Think jewelry making, scrapbooking, that sort of thing.  It's also great if you are a one person operation because it shows you how to do everything if you are the videographer and the on air talent!

How to edit cooking videos- This course goes hand in hand with the one above.  If you are using iMovie to edit, Michelle shows you exactly how to do it in this course.   If you want screenflow specific editing techniques, then check out screenflow hero instead.  I own both courses and learned from both of them.