Unboxing the Avalon Bay SVS 100 Sous Vide Machine

Avalon Bay SVS 100 Sous Vide Machine

After years of waiting for the price of sous vide immersion circulators to go down, I finally purchased my first sous vide unit.

In the video below, I am unboxing the Avalon Bay SBS 100 sous-vide machine.

So, what's in the box?

The avalonbay sous vide machine includes the main unit, which is the immersion circulator, as well as a clip that is used to attach the sous vide machine to whatever pot that you are using  as a water bath. You also get the instruction manual with a time and temperature guide on the inside as well as five plastic bags that you can use to cook your first few sous vide meals.

The only thing that was not included in the box are actual recipes. there are sous vide recipes all over the Internet so you'll have no trouble finding things to cook.

What you should cook first

There are a few things that I recommend you cook to get you familiar with the sous vide process. The first thing I cooked with my sous vide unit was an eye of round roast. When I played around with a friend's sous-vide machine a few months ago I made lemon curd, sous-vide bacon, and poached eggs.

The easiest thing to start with when you get your first sous vide machine would be poached eggs Karma chicken breast, salmon, and a vegetable like green beans. I think these recipes will give you a baseline idea of what you can do with your sous vide machine and how you can use it as a part of your everyday kitchen repertoire.  The last thing I wanted to do was invest in a piece of kitchen equipment and not use it on a regular basis, so I put a lot of thought into how I would use my sous vide circulator before I purchased it.

Where to buy your Avalon Bay SVS 100 Sous Vide Machine

Interested in purchasing your own sous vide unit?  You can get the exact unit that I am boxed in the video below from Amazon or it can be purchased from air-n-water.com  

Popular sous-vide machines cost close to  $200 or more. this machine can be purchased for less than $100 but if you happen to purchase when a sale is going on you can get it for around $70. I purchase my unit for $65 on Amazon's website.

What's the difference between the Avalon Bay sous vide stick and more expensive sous vide immersion circulators?

The main difference with the Avalon Bay sous vide unit is that it does not have Wi-Fi capabilities. many of the more expensive immersion circulator models have built in Bluetooth or Wifi so that way you can control the time and temperature of your sous vide unit from your cell phone. if Wi-Fi capabilities are not important to you then you should definitely choose a less expensive model.

The downside to the less expensive models are that they are typically larger and bulkier than other machines. Since the time and temperature controls are built in the unit the those less expensive units, the components take up more space so this sous-vide machine is a larger than a joule sous vide immersion circulator, for example.

Another reason why models that cost less than $100 are priced that way is because they typically don't come with apps that a lot of the more expensive sous vide units come with. For me this was not a big deal because the majority of the apps that are put out by other companies that make immersion circulators are freely available. In other words, you don't have to buy that companies sous vide unit in order to use their app. You can have three or four different sous vide apps on your phone just to get the recipes without investing in a more expensive unit.

If you are someone who is just curious about sous vide cooking then you should definitely get a model that cost less than $100 just so you can make sure that it's something that you're actually use on a regular basis. If you find that you fall in love with this type of cooking technique then by all means invest in a second unit or a unit that is smaller and comes with more bells and whistles.