How to Make Yeast Batter Breads


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Have you ever baked your own bread before?  Have you ever heard of batter bread?  If not, you're in for a real treat!

Many people who want to cook at home get scared when the subject of any kind of baking- especially bread baking- comes up.  The funny thing is, bread baking is one of the most rewarding kitchen experiences you can have.  

If you are just starting to learn to cook at home and want to incorporate homemade bread into the mix, yeast batter bread is the easiest one to start with.  

What is Yeast Batter Bread?

Yeast batter bread is like a bridge between muffin like quick breads and full grown yeast breads that require kneading.  Like the name implies, this bread is a batter because it way more liquid in it than a traditional artisan style yeast bread recipe.  Any batter bread you make still requires a rising time, but the dough is too soft to be handled in any way so you don't have to worry about kneading.  

The Benefits of Making Batter Breads.

Batter breads come together very quickly and you can make them in just about any type of pan.  My first loaf of batter bread was made in a loaf pan, but you can bake up the batter as individual rolls by filling up muffin tins.

Making batter bread as one of your first breads is also a way to build up a little kitchen confidence and get over your fear of baking bread at home.

Remember that making batter bread can easily be done by hand, but you can use a mixer to develop the gluten a little bit more.  Batter breads have been beaten long enough when the batter leaves the sides of bowl.  A well beaten batter will look shiny and smooth. One it comes out of the oven the finished product with be slightly crumbly when you cut into it and will have a texture that is somewhere between a poundcake and a biscuit.

You can find my recipe for beginners batter bread here.