How to make deli style roast beef the sous vide way

sous vide deli roast beef

The first thing I cooked when I purchased my first immersion circulator was an eye of round roast. I wanted to sous vide this cut of meat because it can be difficult to cook a larger cut of beef, like a roast, and have it be perfectly done from edge to edge.

So many people cook roasts rare or medium rare, but in actuality, the roast is well done on the edges and only at the target temperature in the center of the roast. Learning sous vide as a cooking method and investing in an immersion circulator will help you achieve a perfect cooked piece of beef every time, without the guesswork.

Directions for DIY Roast Beef

Season the roast beef with garlic and herb seasoning. I used 2 Tablespoons. Place the beef in a bag and vacuum seal.

Set the temperature of the water bath to 133°F. Once the water comes to temperature, drop in the roast.

I cooked the roast for 10 hours at 133°F for a 1.5 lb roast.

Once the roast is finished, you can slice it right away and eat with mashed potatoes and gravy. Searing it to get a nice bown color on the outside is optional. I didn't sear my roast, sincce I knew I would be slicing it thinly for sandwiches.

You can also chill the roast first to make slicing easier.

This roast beef is much better than and cheaper than deli roast beef that can cost $8 per pound. 

Other ideas for using the roast beef

  • Cut into cubes for beef quesadillas

  • Make beef barley soup

  • Cut into strips for a Thai beef salad

  • Make French dip sandwiches