DIY food gifts you can make this holiday season

food gifts

Do you get stressed out every year when you  look at the amount of gifts you want to buy? I do. Of course you can start crossing names off of your list, but there are some people who we just want to show a little appreciation, but just cant fit them into the budget.  

If this sounds like you, then I have a few homemade food gift ideas that you can give this season that won't bust the budget.


You can download your popcorn recipes right here. No opt in required!

Homemade cake

If you have time to bake a cake for someone.  Bake it in a nice pan that gives it a nice design. You can buy a cake box and cake circles from a craft store, but after looking at the prices, you may be better off buying a cake carrier from the dollar store. The price almost works out to be the same.

This graham cracker cake would be great to give as a gift.


Homemade jams and jellies

This hot pepper jelly from the prudent homemaker looks good. I love the idea of making a big batch of jelly or jam and packing it into a bunch of small jars to give as gifts. 

If you want to give out a more traditional canned item, my online friend Jenny has a full catalog of canning courses if you are like me and want to someone canning on video and explaining everything in detail step by step. I am in love with her strawberry syrup recipe!

Spiced nuts

Southern Style Secret Ingredient Spiced Pecans - Packaged for Gift Giving Take this class for free when you sign up for 2 months of skillshare. After 2 months feel free to cancel, but they have a ton of classes that'll keep you hooked!

Feel free to switch up the spice blend. Our Chai spice blend would be perfect for making spiced nuts. 

other resources for food gifts

No Knead in 5 Minutes a day

Plenty of easy bread recipes with very little hands on work required. 

Food Gift Love

Goes to EatBoutique website with plenty of giftable food ideas.

printable gift tags

Print them out on cardstock, no need to give up your email address!