Cake Cutting Guide {Infographic} How to Cut a Layer Cake

Cake Cutting Guide
Cake Cutting Guide

Cake Cutting Guide{Infographic} How to Cut a Layer Cake

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Cutting a layer to serve a large group of people can be tricky if you don't know what you are doing.  Luckily, you have my cake cutting guide that will show you how to cut a layer cake in a way that will give you 32-38 pieces of cake, depending on how you slice it!  These two methods of cutting cake are great to know if you are bringing a cake to a potluck or need to cut a cake for a children's party where you don't want to give the kids too big of a slice of cake.

There are two ways to cut a layer cake into slices.  The first way will give you 38 pieces and the second way to cut a layer cake will give you 32 pieces.

For the first method, start with an 8 or 9 inch layer cake.  To cut the cake into 38 pieces, start by cutting a circle in the center of the cake.  This circle should be approximately 4 inches across.  So now you have an inner circle and an outer circle.

Cut the outer circle into slices.  You should have 24 slices on the outer circle.  One you have served the outer circle slices, you can slice the inner circle into wedges like a normal round cake.  You should have 14 slices(wedges) in the inner circle.

For the second cake cutting method, start by cutting your layer cake into quarters.  Cut each quarter into slices as shown in the diagram. The two large slices toward the center of the cake should be cut in half.  If you do  it right, you should have 8 slices of cake in each quadrant.  This will give you 32 pieces of cake total.

I hope you find this cake cutting guide useful.  If you want a pdf that you can print out and put on your refrigerator or fold it up and take it with you to your next event, then download it here.