7 tips for grocery shopping like a boss.

Shopping for food can be fun or it can be a burden. It totally depends on how you go about it.

If you go out shopping without much planning or without a list, it will almost definitely be a burden. But if you think of grocery shopping as a way to eat real food and spend a little time doing some advanced planning, you may even look forward to your weekly shopping trips.

Here are 7 tips for going grocery shopping like a boss.

Begin shopping from your favorite chair

1. Start shopping before you even think of entering a grocery store. Look online and see whats fresh, in season and on sale. Look through the grocery store ads that come in the mailbox too, to see if there are any deals you can work in your weekly meal plans.

Plan a weekly menu in advance

2. Make a menu plan for the week based on what's on sale, but be flexible. The menu plan doesn't have to be written in stone.

Make a shopping list

3. Make your shopping list based on what you plan to prepare for the week, being sure to include items needed for breakfasts and lunches you intend on packing.

Check the pantry first

4. Check pantry staples before shopping to make sure you have the basics. You don't want to get halfway through a recipe only to find out you ran out of white pepper. 

Another benefit of checking the pantry before you shop is to avoid duplicate purchases. Have you ever ended up with 3 jars or Dijon mustard?

Need some meal planning & prep tools?

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use a meal planning service

5. Use a service like e-meals if you don't want to do all this work by hand. They even have menu plans based on what the store has on sale for that week. This type of service is great for families who don't have too many individual dietary restrictions. Most meal plan services come with printable shopping lists that you can take to the store with you. 

shop at off peak times

6. Go shopping during off peak hours.  This may be difficult depending on your work schedule, but shopping at 2 pm during a weekday or Saturday morning as soon as the store opens may be good times.  I know you want to sleep in, but it may be worth it to get your shopping out of the way. You can always go back to sleep when you get back home. :)

shop once a week 

7. Shop with a list. I know I said it in #3, but it needs repeating. Even a quick list typed out on you phone is better than nothing. My goal is to shop once per week. If you find yourself at the grocery store every day after work, you can definitely save lots of time and energy by writing out a list and grabbing all of the things you need one time per week. What do you do to minimize time spent in the grocery store? Tell me right here.