6 ways busy parents can use sous vide cooking to make life easier

Sous Vide Cooking

I waited a long while to purchase my first sous vide unit, and now that I have it, I’m discovering more ways I can use it to my advantage as a busy parent.  

Baby Food

You can cook your baby food using a sous vide machine and everything will be cooked to perfection. All the food stays in the bag and gets perfectly soft and tender enough for your baby without being overcooked. There are 2 big benefits to making baby food using the sous vide method:

  • All the nutrients stay locked in the food and don’t leach out into the cooking water
  • You can cook small amounts of different types of foods to see what your baby likes without dirtying up a bunch of pans

Making your own lunch meat

You can cook everything from turkey breast to roast beef using the sous vide method.  You have complete control over what seasonings you put on the meat and how thickly or thinly they are sliced.

Once you have cooked your meats in the water bath you can slice, portion and freeze them for use in school lunches or even slice them for salads for your own lunches to take to work. The best part about making your own lunch meats is it’s mostly hands off set & forget cooking and you don’t have to worry about any nitrates or preservatives.

Meal prep

If you're into weekly meal prep you can use your immersion circulator to cook Meats grains and vegetables in bulk and then portion them into individual container to eat throughout the week. you can cook a combination of beef pork and chicken at the same temperature and then slice and Portion the meats, along with grains or vegetables when they are done.

Freezer cooking

Pretty much the same steps as meal prep, but you freeze what you’ve made after it’s done cooking.  

Cooking lunch at your desk at work

Yes you can cook lunch at your desk at work or in the break room and no one will smell a thing!  In this class on sous vide cooking the instructor, Jessica,  mentions cooking fish under her desk at work and sharing it with her co-worker later and the co-worker didn't even know that she was cooking it.

With sous-vide a lot of the machines are very quiet and since your food is sealed in a plastic bag none of the odors can escape during the cooking process which makes it ideal for confined spaces like your cubicle or even an RV. You can find more about the sous vide class here

Cooking meals on vacation

I know the last thing you want to do is have to cook while you're on vacation, but with sous-vide the cooking is mostly hands-off. You can take your immersion circulator with you on vacation and use it to cook meals for your family.

I wish I had a sous vide unit when I went on vacation a few years ago. We rented an apartment style condo that had a full kitchen and some basic cooking equipment. We went out to eat for lunches when it was cheaper and usually ate dinner at home. We shopped at the local grocery stores and stopped at a few roadside fruit stands. If I had a sous vide circulator with me I would have been able to purchase some wonderful local seafood and prepare it using the sous vide method with a few simple spices.

How do you think you would use a sous vide machine as a busy parent if you purchased one?