5 Time Saving Grocery Shopping Tips

When you've had a long workday, going to the grocery store is probably the last thing you want to do.

You can't always eat as planned, but having a plan that changes is better than having no plan at all.

Being flexible is part of making home cooked eating fit into your busy lifestyle.


Before Going to the Store

Tip #1- Eat something relatively substantial. Don’t shop hungry. Going right after breakfast usually works for me. 

Tip #2-In the kitchen, make a list of meal ideas for the coming week. Keep in mind the days you’ll have time to cook from scratch and the days you’ll be pressed for time.

Tip #3-Make a grocery list and stick to it. You can download my free grocery list printable checklist to help you.

Tip #4-Go to the store only once a week. Some people go shopping everyday and you can easily cut your grocery shopping trips down to once or twice a week with a little prior planning.

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At the Grocery Store

Tip #5-Sign up for your grocer’s bonus/discount card for additional savings. This is a must especially if you hate clipping coupons like me. Some stores even offer their rewards members free items on specific days.

Bonus Tip #6-Try shopping at off peak hours. This could be in the morning on a weekday or even 2 am if your store is open 24 hours.  Avoid the after work and weekend crowds at all costs if you want to save your sanity.